Pandemic Life

turtlemint pandemic experience

It has been about seven months since the start of the pandemic. I remember we left the apartment on 16th March and today its 14th October. I never would’ve thought that we would live in a situation like this ever before, and to be honest I haven’t really enjoyed much this time. I do like the money we save while working remotely but for bachelors I think that the fun, the communication we used to have at the office or later is much more important and kinda develops a nice personality for a person.

So far this six months were a breeze though. I did not realize that we have lived so long in this pandemic and still there is little to no chance that this will end soon. The vaccine is still very much unknown and I personally feel this is what the new normal is going to be. At turtlemint we had few of these fireside chats with some of the very well known people around the world and one common thing I noted is that most of them think we will be going back to the usual office work thing and that this remote thing is only temporary. I personally feel that is a bit wrong and I expect this to continue for a much longer time.

Good things during the pandemic

I feel like there are some good things that happened during this pandemic. One is obviosly that I have saved some good amount of money, I did spend few on other things but more on that later. I have made myself learn new things, which I believe I wouldn’t have done them otherwise. And I have been taking some new initiatives to make better use of time.

For the things I learned, I have started contributing to frontend repositories now. I made some good to-do applications for starters and was able to port a good chunk of the project I am currently working on to the new react standard. Also being a best-practioner, I made sure that everything I write is verified by these tools and I would write the best possible code wherever possible.

I’m also learning Go. Although, I feel like you can basically contribute to any other language you get thrown at. Yes, you won’t write the best code initially, but once you get used to it, there’s not much in it. I’m still finding some good open-source project to get started with Go though. I think these projects really help in getting started with a particular code.

I did contribute few things to fake-gcs-server which is being used in the current project.

Money saved, hmm, I now realize that I actually probably a lost almost equal amount of money I would’ve lost without the pandemic. There is one big purchase I did this time, which is to buy a new monitor. I just got myself the thing I’ve been waiting for the most, a perfect gaming monitor. Its a BenQ EW2780Q and its one hell of a thing. I absolutely loved it, you can checkout the specs as well for that. It did cost a lot of money though, especially for a monitor. But its usually one time thing in years that it serves.

Bad things during the pandemic

There are few things which have bugged me the most. One of the thing is the work-life balance we used to have during the office hours. Basically during the early times of this remote work was that we used to get calls even during the midnight which is something I don’t personally prefer. Once I’m done with the office work I want to relax and have some peaceful moments before going back to work, but that doesn’t seem to possible nowadays. Its like work all the time now. I did kinda changed myself to make it more productive now, but the the early days it was a pain.

Another thing is the kind of life we live in where there is no fun, no communication with the outside world. If you sneeze anywhere, people are going to run away from you now. There are a lot of things which are not something which I would consider normal now. But its just the world we live in now.

Final words

I would love to talk more about this pandemic situation a bit more. But maybe we can do that in a later blog post. I don’t usually write a lot of blog posts but it is something I’m considering to do more because it makes you think and write more which I haven’t done in a long time. I’m usually seen thinking about text only when we have to write some docstrings.

Finally, I am happy that we as a family are living together which otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to. There are some pros and cons to this situation but this is something we have to deal with now. Also I’m positive that we will soon have a vaccine (maybe in 2021) for which we should be able to handle most of the supply ready by 2022 or something. Idk, but that is something I really hope for.

That’s it. I don’t know who will read this (maybe future me will be reading this one time and would be laughing at how the world was). I really don’t know what sort of future is there left with us, but I really hope that everyone in there is happy and safe. :heart: